What do you mean, I’m indecisive?

Ok, maybe a little.  Yeah, I’ve moved again.  Sorry.  Honestly, I’m really not sure why I didn’t move to blogger the first time.  :doh  It just makes more sense to use the Google service integrated with everything else I already use, including my Android phone.  And the background options are – well, there’s lots more of them, so I can now play around and change things up by changing my background, not my address.  : D 

And of course Blogger won’t import from WP :doh so everything that’s here on WP is staying here.  But for future posts, go over to my new home, all decked out in Christmas colors.



So something occurred to me tonight… I am sort of a wallflower, especially with people I don’t know well.  I tend to be quiet and hang back, observe and listen rather than jumping into the conversation.  Well I think that’s how I am in blogland too.  I really enjoy reading the blogs that I follow and seeing what is going on with everyone else, and I feel like I really ought to post more so that others can get to know me… but I rarely speak up to comment on anyone else’s blog and rarely speak up here – I guess I tend to feel like I don’t really have anything interesting to say.  And then when I do find something I want to say, I can’t seem to find the time to type it out.  Doh.

Kind of on a similar note, I’ve been following several discussions about Dressing Your Truth over on the GCM boards, and kind of realized something from that too.  A lot of my favorite blogs have a very type 1 energy to them – very upbeat, colorful, fun, cheerful – and I feel like my blog has to be that way too.  But I am not a type 1, I am a type 2, with a very different energy.  Maybe if I just let my blog reflect who I really am, it would be easier to write more?  Something to think about…

August Goals

These are just going to be going forward for the rest of the month, since we’re already halfway through.  I’m also going to try to be a bit more realistic in what I can accomplish.

Blogging Goals:

  1. Continue posting once a week.
  2. Comment on other’s blogs at least once a week.

Etsy Goals:

  1. Figure out CPSIA labeling and how I’m going to do it.
  2. Get database set up for tracking all my info.
  3. Start working on dishcloth sets.

Crafting Goals:

  1. Finish crochet fishy hat for August swap.
  2. Start on crochet Mario for Peyton.
  3. FINISH DRAWING the “choose your love” painting.

I’d really love to do my Grand Opening for the shop for my birthday, but that’s in 2 weeks and I’m really not sure I can make it.  And I am really trying not to put pressure on myself or unrealistic expectations.  I have a lot of other things going on that take time away from these projects and I am only one person.  I’m trying to choose my priorities and go from there.  : )

July Goals Recap

A little late, I guess, as we’re  half way through August all ready.  Will you let me get away with blaming the heat?  Ugh, it’s awful here, I seriously think I am going to melt away any moment.  Anyways…

July blogging goals were to post at least once a week, comment at least 3 times a week, and do a giveaway.  Well, the giveaway obviously didn’t happen – I still would like to do it, but in conjunction with the Grand Opening of my etsy shop and in order for that to happen, I would like to have a greater variety of products listed.  See below for more on that.  Didn’t do so well on the commenting, either, I’m pretty sure not 3 a week, but I did leave some comments, so… I give myself a C for that one.  ; )  And as for posting, I’m not sure it was exactly one a week, but I think it at least averaged out that way, so I’m calling that one good!  So… 1 out of 3.  Hrm.

The shop goals were to file for my seller’s permit, make dishcloths, photocards, and jewelry for the shop, photograph everything, edit the photos, and get them listed.  I did get my seller’s permit and did get the shop stocked, but it’s mostly cell phone cozies with a couple of charms.  So the shop is open but not launched in the sense of Grand Opening – I still want a better variety of products to really launch it in style.  My list of things to make is soooo long right now though and I seem to be moving through it so slowly.  But the most important thing – the seller’s permit – is done and I do have the shop stocked.

For crafting goals, I wanted to finish the Vintage Wrap Remake for myself, a few small things for Jimi to leave in geocaches, some garb alterations, and the “choose your love” painting.  The wrap is done (I suppose I should offer some pics of that, hm?).  The geocache treasures are mostly done – they just need magnets glued on the back, and considering how simple that is I REALLY need to just do it all ready.  The garb alterations we decided didn’t need to be done after all, so that was by far the easiest thing checked off my entire list.  : )  Sadly, the painting has not even been touched.  Major fail on my part and it is a big priority for this month – except that I just never seem to have the time or opportunity to work on it – funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Over all, I get a fair number of things done, though not everything.  And that’s ok.  I am not going to expect perfection out of myself, I’ll just make myself crazy that way.  For August, I think I’ll try to get more of the list done – I’ll also make the list a little more manageable!

I can’t believe I forgot…

…the best butterfly of them all.



Blooming Butterflies

I promised a post of photos, so I’m not going to talk much about them, just let the pictures speak for themselves.  I will say that these are from the Blooming Butterflies exhibit at a local botanical gardens.  We went this past weekend and it was a wonderful, if hot, way to spend an afternoon.  I took a lot more photos than these, these are just some of my favorites.  Enjoy!




I was amazed at all the gorgeous metallic and iridescent colorings, and really pleased that my camera captured them so well!  I couldn’t really avoid the overhead lights being reflected in the glass cases, but other than that, I was surprised at how nice some of these shots turned out.  The following shots are of the live butterflies inside the greenhouse.









Those last two are the same butterfly from top and bottom – I love the surprise colors on the underside!  I’m going to end with a few shots I’m especially excited about, even though they aren’t butterflies.  These are from the water garden outside, and I think you’ll understand when you see who my “models” were.  And yes, the larger two were, um, getting friendly… if you catch my drift… but you don’t have to tell the kids that.  ; )



The WW Post

We spent last weekend at Warriors and Warlords, and I am so so sooo glad we went.  It was a wonderful and much needed break!  Some highlights of the weekend –

  • spending time together as a family, outside, away from “it all”
  • spending time with several of the Greyfeathres and other good friends
  • seeing our dear friend Rochl and her daughter Cecily!!!
  • shopping.  of course.  ; )
  • great concert, we even nailed “The Silver Swan” – go first sopranos!
  • my anniversary present from Jimi – a drop spindle and roving.  I can’t wait to learn how to use it!  I even decided to go ahead and learn how to knit (knitting is period; crochet isn’t.  drats.)

An interesting thing happened, though, which I noted as we left site and drove home on Sunday.  Normally, after an event, I am very fired up about our involvement in the SCA.  I’m full of ideas of things I want to do, projects I want to tackle, plans to attend guild meetings.  I’m also full of frustration at all the things getting in my way of actually following through on those plans.  As always, my head and my heart are bigger than my clock.  I’ve been playing in the SCA for 7 years now and I’ve been at about the same level of involvement for about the last 6 of those years.  In SCA terms, it’s an A0A level.  That means that I have a couple areas I’m active in, I’m staying active in those areas, but I’m not branching out into other areas, deepening my involvement, making longterm plans or goals, taking on any kind of leadership or service roles, etc.  For most of the last 6 years, I have to some extent or another resented that lack of forward progress.

Interestingly, leaving site this time, I did not feel any of that frustration, resentment, or fervor of new ideas.  Instead, I felt acceptance.  This is the level I am at right now, and that’s ok.  It’s an important part of my life, but not the most importatnt part.  It’s something I enjoy and would love to be able to increase my involvement when the time comes, but that time is not now.  And that’s ok.

I’m TOTALLY excited about my new drop spindle though!  There will definitely be more talk about that around here as I learn to use it.  I don’t know how feasible it’ll be for me dye the yarn this summer, so this first batch may just have to stay white – even at that I’ve got some ideas for what I want to do with it – but one long term goal I do have is to do a project truly start to finish – spin the yarn, dye it, then knit or crochet the finished item.  Maybe someday I’ll even be able to get the fiber truly straight off the animal, though for now I’ll stick with roving that is processed and ready to spin.  But yeah.  I am really excited about learning to spin.  Whee!

Aaannd because I have way too few photos around here, I’ll leave you with a shot that our friend Shava (a far better photographer than I, might I add) got of the little guy, and a promise of a more picturey post later this week.

July Goals

As part of my plan for developing my blog more, I want to write out monthly goals.  Hopefully putting them down on “paper” will make me more likely to follow through on them.  I do really love to cross things off a list.  Don’t you?

Blogging Goals:

  1. Post at least once a week.
  2. Comment on someone else’s blog at least 3x per week.
  3. Host giveaway!

Etsy Goals:

  1. File for seller’s permit.
  2. 3 dishcloth sets for listings
  3. photocard sets for listings
  4. jewelry sets for listings
  5. photograph everything
  6. edit photos
  7. Launch shop!

Crafting Goals:

  1. Vintage Wrap Remake for me.
  2. assorted small objects for Jimi to leave in geocaches (Father’s Day present, late.  Oops.)
  3. garb alterations – need to be done before Warriors and Warlords.  Eep!
  4. Finish the “choose your love” painting – this is owed to a friend from a swap that occurred last fall.  No, I’m not 8 months behind on it, we’ve been doing a lot of discussing over what she wanted!  But now that she’s decided, I really need to get going on it.

I may have a few other birthday presents that I’ll need to whip something up for, but I’ve got my hands quite full at the moment preparing to stock my shop, so we’ll see what happens as far as that’s concerned.  Wow, the list ended up being a bit longer than I anticipated.  Do you think I can finish it all?

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So many things to say

So little time to type them… LOL, I can’t believe it’s been a month already since my last post.  Well, I can believe it.  I am constantly thinking of things I want to share, but can never seem to find the time to share them.  I think part of it is the pictures – it is sometimes tricky to get the photos I want with G-unit around (yes, I’ve caved, I’m calling him G-Unit.  Shh!  Don’t tell Jimi!)  He is into everything, and I do mean EV.E.RY.THING!  Then I have to plug the camera in, upload to the laptop, rename files, upload to Flickr or Picasa (or sometimes both), copy paste everything into wherever I’m posting… it’s a process.  Really ought to be a way to streamline it, don’t you think?

So a few highlights of the past month, pretty much all of which really deserve their own post – if I can get through the photos to do them –

* G-unit turned 1 year old!  I can’t believe it has already been a whole year.  He has grown so much and is so healthy and happy, I sometimes forget all the struggles we had when he was born.  It was good to take a little time to look back and remember and celebrate how far we’ve come.  ❤

* Tried another experiment in using alternative crochet materials.  Used tulle netting to do up a dish scrubbie.  Very mixed results and I’m scared to actually use it – afraid it’s going to disintegrate in my hands – but I suppose I really ought to test it out.

* Finally got started on the Stained Glass Granny Ripple Bag (SGGRB).  Still taking shape in my head for the most part, and this is my long-term in between other projects WIP, but I’m hoping to get some photos soon as I’m starting to get the first little bits together.

* On the hooks – 2 Blooming Sunhats (Ravelry link), 1 for a swap and 1 for a friend.  I made one for myself first, so this will be 3 from the same pattern and I think by the end of the 3rd I’ll be tired of it.  1 Wrap Remake (also a Ravelry link) for myself.  The hook for this is way larger than I am used to working with and I am finding i a challenge to keep a consistent tension, so we’ll see how it turns out.  And of course the SGGRB.  It is making me a little bit crazy having so many things going at once!

Well, that is all for now, I think… Jimi took G-unit out to choir with him and I stayed home with a headache for some much needed peace and quiet.  So I am going to go enjoy it!

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